Sunday, December 30, 2012

Little Christmas 2012

This is our first Christmas in our new Ely home

We had the stocking hung and tree decorated

This was our Little Ornament for Christmas 2012
Here is a closer look at some of the gifts

Alexis was TIRED

There are things a girl can still do with a sleepy head
Merry Christmas!

Cookies and Sledding

Family Home Evening

David's Ornament Cookies
Lori's Ornament Cookies

Adriana's Ornament Cookies

Alexis' Ornament Cookies

Adriana eats her cookie first

Alexis enjoyed her cookie next
Sledding with the cousins
This was Cambria's and Danielle's 1st time sledding

Odessa, Alexis, Danielle, and Cambria


It wasn't so scary

Watch Odessa FLY onto the ice

The girls had A LOT of fun

Poor GIRL...her hair is NOT wet from snow

Adriana and her good friend, Marissa

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


 Alexis had her 5th Grade Concert

 She stopped quickly to pose for a picture

The large group of 5th grade classes sang

Then each class presented separately, Alexis played a drum

Papa was happy to go

The lighting is never good with my camera, Where's Lexi?

Adriana had her Amabile Concert

Papa was glad to attend that one too

Adriana had a lot of fun and told us that we would LAUGH

Fun Times

Alexis went to the Dinosaur Exhibit at Hawkeye Downs

She took time to color this pretty picture

We went to NewBo Market

Demetri joined us

The girls got cupcakes from That One Cupcake Place


Cambria is dimple deep in conversation

Alexis got this headband

Adriana got this wooden heart

The Park family went to Brucemore

The Little family went there too

Cambria's Birthday

Demetri sure loved punching those balloons

Cambria, Alexis, Danielle, and Adriana


Cambria's 6th Birthday

Dan is the Man of Many Skills

We went with a METALLIC theme, she seemed to LOVE the gifts :)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Alexis' Flute Concert

Alexis was ready for her 1st flute concert

Adriana and Papa joined her for a quick picture


They started our basic, but it sounded good

After we went to Orange Leaf to celebrate

It was packed

Papa is always good for a little hand slapping FUN